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Adapting your business to survive Covid-19.

Are you checking your temperature daily at the moment? Are the first signs of a runny nose or cough getting you worried? It's the strangest time in the world at the moment with Covid-19 changing everyones lives. Our new normal will have to change and regardless of your work, your lifestyle or your interests, this virus will be effecting everyone and forcing each of us to change.

Covid-19 has changed the way we do business. Significantly. And will for the foreseeable future. Already, foot traffic has decreased, event restrictions have been put in place, sporting events have been postponed, and no one knows when we'll start to see things get better.

So, what do we do? Well... life goes on! Despite not being able to catch up with friends at the pub, we all still need services, we all still have families, lives, celebrations, hobbies, the need to eat, drink, and we will still have the need to connect with others, albeit from a distance.

That means, that your business will have a future, if you can adapt your offering and operational structure, to fit with our new normal.

How do you need to change? Have a think about some of the following, as you may need to adjust one or all of these elements of your business to survive this new way of life.

- If you currently deal with customers face to face, is there a way you can communicate with them differently? Ie, online, video conferencing, email?

- If your business offers a product, can you start to deliver these products rather than have people pick up or come into store?

- Do you have an online store for your customers to use so they can still shop with you?

- If demand for your product has changed during this time, can you repurpose your equipment or services to modify your product so that it is relevant to whats needed currently.

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